KISS Method: “Keep It Simple with Speech”

Speech analytics has gone from a trendy, cool technology to an essential software that reveals insights into customer-agent interactions. Speech solutions provide the tools necessary to capture, organize and analyze unstructured information to make insights actionable.

Hiring for Retention: Using AI to Predict Which Job Candidates Will be Successful

Behavioral Predictive Voice Analytics is proving to be an effective tool for hiring and retaining top talent and enhancing the customer experience.

Don't Let Speech Analytics Hold You Back: Top 5 Challenges We Continue to See

Having implemented hundreds of successful speech analytics programs, we at MainTrax know just how to help users be well prepared to take these challenges head-on. Here are the top five challenges we continue to see when organizations are implementing speech analytics.

Steps to Building a Successful Speech Analytics Program

Having a solid foundation and strategy set up is critical for an effective speech analytics program.

Debt Collection Agencies Leverage the Power of Speech Analytics

The debt collection industry is indebted to speech analytics. Not only does speech technology improve a collection agency’s process and profits, it offers a legal safeguard by ensuring stricter compliance.

Speech Analytics: Houdini or Whodunit?

Speech analytics can help you solve your customer mysteries, but you need more than just technology to reveal the secrets in your calls.

Speech Analytic Surprises

Speech analytics isn’t "just" software. Rather, think about it as an innovative methodology that can alter the way we think about solving problems.

Skinny Dipping – Part II. Speech Analytics Skinny Successes

Examples of organizations are leveraging speech analytics to improve their customer experience and increase their intelligence about customers.

Skinny Dipping – Part I. Diving into Analytics

Diving into Analytics with only the Bare Necessities

Speech Analytics Insider Tips You Probably Didn't Know

These insider tips will help you police your speech initiative and allow you to protect your investment while serving key stakeholders.