Tips for Attracting More (and Better!) Agents in a High-Employment Economy

Talent acquisition professionals want to staff their contact centers with high-quality, well-skilled agents. Fortunately, we’ve seen effective ways to improve recruiting by incorporating assessment links into the first touchpoint.

Customer Service for Gen A to Z

Contact centers are increasingly relying on virtual pre-hire assessment solutions that assist in hiring agents who will provide the best customer service, no matter the generation.
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Use Agent Voice DNA to Improve Contact Center Hiring Results

Voice analysis is a strong predictor of new-hire success, retention and CSAT performance. AI technology can identify which candidates to focus on based on prehire practices that are built around your expectations.
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Hiring for Retention: Using AI to Predict Job Candidates

Behavioral Predictive Voice Analytics is proving to be an effective tool for hiring and retaining top talent and enhancing the customer experience.